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Frequently Asked Questions.

We invite you to join us on a journey of increasing health , to consistently improve every aspect of your nurtition : “you are what you eat”…….we will get to know you so that we may provide the essential foods of individual family members. 

How do you propose to achieve a HEALTHIER eating regimen?

Simply put, we are uniquely placed to plan & supply  produce from Rotary Community organic/natural Farmers ; and also to source the best ingredients to ensure a balanced diet. 

The JOURNEY …give examples:

A good example: in most instances people love cakes so we have developed a range which is very tasty but which change your reliance on excessive sugar, which we increasingly reduce without your tastebuds even being aware; another is meat…we hope you will love our meat meals which focus on natural/steroid free farming practices.  We invariably discover that people have allergies e.g. gluten intolerance ,diabetes or heart disease…and we programme their family needs accordingly. We will invite everyone to place special info on their database records so that we may ‘take better care of their needs’.

Do you have a weight loss programme?

Yes! Absolutely the best ever: All so called diets have a common failing….they do not last and your weight invariably reverts to original. THE SOLUTION is to eat healthily using our stipulated eating programme designed for you….we will advise you and you will never ever have to drop this excellent nutritional way of eating… even as you consume more after attaining your ideal weight.

Can you supply me with 100% organic ?

Farm crops ? Providing demand does not exceed current supply ,YES !   Regarding meals, no one can ! Not even the so-called organic specialists are able to. And you need many components to achieve a balanced diet….some will not be organic. BUT fyou need not be alarmed because your body chemistry is well able to eliminate the adverse elements of non-organic components in such small amounts. But YES ! We do aspire to help you achieve your 100 % target. If you so wish , we will only sell you organic veg, as available, which you may choose to cook yourself.

What do you mean by “wholefoods”?

Our commitment is to increasingly use only the finest , nutrient-rich food inputs. This is a journey over a period of time so we will continually strive to use the most nutritious inputs. The secret is not to overwhelm your body with imperfect ingredients e.g.  you probably currently support food chains which supply foods grown with pesticides and cooked with preservatives… provided this is limited , your system can cope. Our supply will be considerably more strict.

What happens when demand for your Organic Farms/Rotary Community Farmers produce exceeds your current supply?

We aim to create jobs for Rotary-RCC Community Farmers so we will keenly increase demand simply through added production a.s.a.p.

You have indicated that organic seasonal veggies will be promoted…what happens out of season?

We blanche and deep freeze freshly picked organic veggies grown in season as part of our preparation since it has been proven to retain excellent taste and nutrients. These frozen and fresh veg are used as far as possible in the production of our meals. Customers will be advised on request when these are out of season and they may opt to avoid meals which are not sourced from our RCC Farmers. The fact is that frozen organically grown crops are more nutritious than those grown with pesticides.

How do your systems care for the environment ?

We see this holistically…you buy from farmers & they earn a living; your health is improved when you support these small farmers ; they in turn avoid harmful pesticides and man-made chemical nutrients which pollute our waters and soils :”for the forest to be green , all the leaves must be green!”….we all need to play a part.




10 Reasons for preferring natural-organic :

  1. Many people are adamant that natural-organic food tastes better. 
  2. Its healthier : on average organic-natural produce contains higher levels of vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium, as well as cancer fighting anti-oxidants.
  3. Free of nasty additives: organic-natural produce contains significantly reduced additives which are harmful to humans, causing ill health.
  4. Avoids pesticides : tests have regularly shown these residues in non-organic-natural produce. Research has shown that more than 40% of tested produce has these residues, sometimes registering up to 90%.
  5. Genetically modified crops are not allowed under organic practices. Millions of tons of GM crops are used to feed animals, many of which are used to produce the animal foods we ingest.
  6. Non reliance on drugs ,steroids and other hormones used to speed animal growth.
  7. No hidden costs : taxpayers spend millions each year addressing environmental problems such as pollution of our water due to excessive use of chemical nutrients and pesticides by non-organic farming practices.
  8. Organic-natural farmers employ practices linked to ‘well-being’ of humans and our environment, tend to have moral concerns about farming methods.
  9. Animal welfare is paramount. Practices which confine or hurt animals are banned from organic farming.
  10. Supports wildlife and the environment : the death of rare birdlife such as owls and raptors due to the use of poisons is well known and is banned from natural-organic practices.






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